The Fire Dog - Felicity Design and Decor
The Fire Dog - Felicity Design and Decor

The Fire Dog


The Fire Dog is very dynamic, courageous and full of energy. He can sometimes also be rather impulsive in nature by taking risks which is why he is holding the firecrackers! On his coat, is a stylised pattern of cloud formations which symbolise good luck and never ending fortune. His back leg is adorned with Chrysanthemums which characterise people who maintain their virtue despite adversity and temptation.

Fire Dogs make some of the best leaders of the world as they are naturally equipped to lead people and espouse the cause of justice and righteousness. They look forward to change and are adventurous in spirit. They like to experience new things and see faraway places which is why they are not as prone to settling down early in life as other dogs.

 Born in 1946 (Feb. 02, 1946 – Jan. 21, 1947) and 2006 (Jan. 29, 2006 – Feb. 17, 2007)