Meet Chris Chun


An Australian designer with Chinese heritage, Chris honed his craft in Europe designing for well respected textile design studios whose clients included the likes of Giorgio Armani, Missoni, Diane Von Furstenberg & Laura Ashley. Featured in SMH, Belle magazine, Design Sponge, and various publications around the world, Chris today divides his time travelling between Asia and Australia, exhibiting as an artist and collaborating with clients all over the world.

Chris’s passion for art and design was apparent ever since he was a child. “I grew up in a creative household and was already surrounded by bold designs – my bedroom had Marimekko curtains! Mum sent us to art camp during the school holidays and a whole new world opened up to me - drawing, pottery, candle making, macrame, baking biscuits.....I was in heaven!”

Chris has a profound connection with nature and uses sustainable materials wherever possible. Every piece tells a specific story and Chris integrates layers of meaning into each work. “People tell me that they love the sense of discovery they have for months – sometimes years – after they first see art. There are hidden details and symbols they eventually notice in the piece, often only when they’re ready to see the meaning behind it.”

Ultimately, it’s Chris’s unique combination of vivid colour, patterns and symbolic imagery that sets his work apart. “Everything I create has provenance. And if I have a real emotional connection when I create an artwork – then my heart just sings. And I hope it does the same for other people as well.”