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5 Things To Do To Freshen Up Your Home For The New Year

Hello January!  

I love this time of year when all the Christmas Decorations go back in the boxes and bins, the house gets a good clean and you have a semi blank slate to work with.  

This is the perfect time to add a few new items, move some current items around and give you home a new look.  You don't have to go out and buy a bunch of brand new items, one or two new things can easily give your home a new fresh look and feel. 

  1. Change up your Vignettes  

I like to move my decor items around and craft new vignettes in different spaces, perhaps consider adding a bit of greenery via a new succulent or plant.  It's super easy and fun and really makes things feel fresh and new. 

  1. Add a new rug

Either at the front door or in the bathroom or kitchen.  A lovely new throw rug will always make a space feel great.  

   3. Add some greenery

    Instead of flowers use some pretty greenery to give your space a new fresh feel.  Eucalyptus is one of my favourites as it looks so nice as well as smells amazing.  

    1. Update Artwork

    Move your current artwork around or buy a new piece to add to your collection.  This always breathes new life into a space. 

    1. Declutter 

    I am obsessed with baskets!  Baskets for storage, to hold pretty items or to put plants in.  You can never have enough baskets.  While you are organizing your items into the baskets, you can decide if you really love it, need it or would rather re-home it.  The Salvation Army Donation center has gladly received many items we don't find joy in anymore.


    You don't have to do all of these items but one or two will help freshen up your space for a New Year and Create Joy!  




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