3 Simple Steps to Hanging Art

3 Simple Steps to Hanging Art

You've been hunting for months and you finally find it...the perfect art piece!  You so excited and you get it home and now what?  I have had clients sit for months and months procrastinating on hanging their art. They lean it up against the wall and walk by it every day and glance at it and although they love the piece and dream about what it will look like up on the wall, they just can't get past the intimidation of hanging it.  It's scary, we get it!  

Have you ever walked into a room and things just felt off?  It might be because the artwork is not at the right height or the right placement. 

 Well don't fret!!  We are here to give you a few easy foolproof tips to follow that will make you feel like an expert! 



Tip #1 Hang a single artwork pieces at eye level

We found the sweet spot!  Yes we did...if you have a single piece of artwork and hang it 60 inches from the center of the art piece to the floor...it's magic!  

If you’re hanging your art above your sofa then do so 4-6 inches above the back of the sofa and same goes with any furniture.  Also consider the scale of your space when hanging art.  If you’re hanging artwork above furniture, it should be approximately 2/3 width of the furniture piece. 

TIP #2: Treat two to four pieces of artwork as one:

If you have two pieces of artwork and want to hang them beside each other or one on top of the other the same rule applies as Tip #! - hang them 60 inches from the floor to the centre of the grouping.  

If hanging more than two pieces make sure your artwork is spaced only a few inches apart, so they look together and not disconnected.

Please DO NOT stagger two pieces of art.  This does not fill the space better, and it's just looks wrong!  Get a larger piece of artwork to fill the space or hang the two side by side, level to each other. 

TIP #3: To make sure your Gallery Wall looks amazing hang your artwork with cohesive spacing

You love the look of a Gallery Wall but have no idea where to even begin?  Start by laying out your pictures on the floor.  Use prints and photos with a similar theme and keep the frames consistent.  This makes it feel more balanced and not chaotic.  Hang large and medium pieces approximately 2-3 inches apart and smaller pieces 1.5 - 2.5 inches apart.  Also feel free to add some fun bits and pieces into your gallery wall like typography, mirrors, or even framed trinkets.  Make it fun! 







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